Un émulateur de NES nécessitant Windows Vista ou 7 car il demande de posséder DirectX 10 ou supérieur.

– Four-screen mirroring fixes. Rad Racer 2 works correctly now (if it doesn’t, your ROM most likely has the wrong mirroring info in its header; try another copy).
– Support for SUROM boards (Dragon Warrior III and IV). Since the iNES format doesn’t provide enough info to identify these boards, the mapper_variant option needs to be set to 1 for them in nemulator.ini (GoodNES ROMs are already configured).
– SRAM wasn’t being saved on reset; fixed.
– Compiled with profile-guided optimization (PGO), resulting in big performance improvements/lower CPU utilization.
– Support for monitor refresh rates other than 60Hz (see timer_sync option in nemulator.ini).

Télécharger Nemulator v4.2 (158,4 Ko)

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