Créé par Avery Lee (l’auteur de VirtualDub), il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Atari 8 bits (800/800XL/130XE).

[features added]
– Added option to redirect P: to a text pane.
– UI: Added handing for gamepads being added or pulled during execution.
– UI: Rewrote input system and added general input mapper.
– UI: Added options for controlling display stretching and aspect ratio.
– UI: Added better handling for cases in which a requested firmware ROM is not available.
– UI: Added option to control overscan display.
– UI: Mounted disks and cartridges are saved and restored across runs.
– UI: FPS display in window caption is now optional.
– UI: System configuration is now shown on the window caption.
– POKEY: Added volume control.
– Simulator: Added « Other » firmware option to load an otheros.rom custom kernel (16K XL).
– Cassette: Added seek UI.
– Cassette: Reworked playback indicator.
– GTIA: Added option to blend adjacent frames to reduce flicker.
– GTIA: Added System > Video > Adjust Colors.
– GTIA: Added support for interlaced output.
– Disk: Added sector counter option.
– Disk: Increased max drive count to 8.
– Disk: Added burst transfer mode compatible with SpartaDOS X.
– Disk: Get Status and Read PERCOM Block commands are now accelerated.
– Disk: Lazy writes are now incremental.
– VBXE: Initial emulation support.
– Misc: Added R-Time 8 support.
– Debugger: Added list nearest symbol (ln) command.
– Debugger: « Go to Source » command now asks for source file location if it cannot be found.

[bugs fixed]
– HLE: Improved compatibility of screen editor.
– HLE: Fixed bug in emulated math pack that broke Atari Basic.
– Debugger: Fixed crash when a source file couldn’t be found.
– Debugger: Auto-loading of symbols for executable files works again.
– Debugger: Source windows no longer recenter when toggling breakpoints.
– Debugger: Fixed misspelled SKRES symbol.
– ANTIC: Fixed incorrect CPU timing for STA WSYNC + PHA combination.
– ANTIC: Vertical scroll bit is now kept across VBLANK if display list is too long.
– ANTIC: Fixed timing of display list DMA enable changes (DMACTL bit 5).
– ANTIC: Internal line buffer is no longer cleared when repeating mode lines with display list DMA disabled.
– ANTIC: Mode lines can now repeat across VBLANK with display list DMA disabled.
– ANTIC: Added emulation of bug where VBLANK can fail to occur if scan line 247 is a hires line.
– POKEY: Fixed reading of POT timers before pot counters have stabilized.
– CPU: Implemented SBX instruction ($CB).
– Disk: Increased reliability of lazy flush mechanism.
– Disk: Fixed PERCOM block for large disk images.
– Disk: Fixed boot sector count for 512 byte/sector images.
– Disk: Hard disk (H:) no longer goes away on a warm reset.
– Disk: Reverted change to raise RTCLOK on SIO acceleration to fix bugs with programs that monitor RTCLOK from a VBI handler.
– UI: Mouse capture is automatically released when the simulator stops.
– UI: Fixed USER handle leaks.
– Simulator: 1088K memory mode no longer disables self-test bit when extended RAM is disabled.
– LLE: Fixed cartridge initialization.
– LLE: Fixed BASIC ROM switching.
– LLE: K: open/close calls are now implemented.
– LLE: Added initial math pack implementation.
– LLE: SIO now shuts off all audio channels.

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