Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– do not use D3D9Ex if no v3 shader or dynamic texture support (workaround for some older cards that may not be fully compatible)
– added workaround for weird display drivers that don’t allow changing to 50Hz Direct3D fullscreen but accept it if identical directdraw fullscreen mode is already open
– 68000 exception3 quick fix (Zoom)
– CE 68000 CIA cycle timing updates (was too fast)
– warp mode was slow in windowed D3D mode (b7)
– selected dostype in create hardfile panel was ignored if hardfile type was dynamic
– added filter panel overlay/mask selection, put overlay/mask files in pluginsoverlays
– DMS files with fake complete first cyl (containing BBS ads) didn’t unpack correctly. Support HD DMS files (not tested)
– CE interrupt handling rewritten (still not good enough)

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