Un émulateur d’Oric 1/Atmos et Telestrat écrit en C et utilisant SDL.

– CPU/VIA timing should now be balls-on, unless I made a mistake somewhere 😉
– AY sound should be a lot more accurate. Also, sample playback is now working. Still not perfect, but its getting there!
– Added (experimental) AVI export. Press F10 to record and again to stop. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work for some reason.
– OS4 and Windows now use their respective standard operating system file requesters. Other ports will use the crappy built in one, unless someone adds platform specific support.
– The oric printer is emulated. All printer output is appended to « printer_out.txt ».

Télécharger Oricutron v1.2 (2,0 Mo)

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