Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– VPOSW/VHPOSW « fake » 60Hz support rewrite, ugly hacks removed, this also fixes possible odd/even field mismatch when program initializes interlace by writing to VPOSW (only clearing or setting LOF-bit, not attempting to do « fake 60Hz)
– JIT checkbox fixed (broke during 64-bit compilation fixes)
– Prowizard PM20 fix (Asle)

Big Direct3D change:

– more gfx subsystem unification. Direct3D is now fully shader based.
– Overlay and scanlines are done with pixel shaders, also overlay is not scaled anymore.
– Overlay and pixel shader filters are now compatible.
– PS 2.0 capable display card required. (PS 1.0 should also work but scaling can cause artifacts)
– Scanlines and overlays can’t be used simultaneously. (Easy to do with shaders but why?)
– Horiz and vert positioning works without filter enabled.
– Point/bilinear setting works now when shader filter is enabled.
– Direct3D and Null filter: wastes only CPU power, do not use. (will be fixed later)
– Currently included winuae.fx/winuae_old.fx must be in same directory as winuae or in shaderfilters directory (later it will be built-in. winuae_old.fx = PS1.x compatible shader)
– If you have problems: include graphics card model, Windows version, winuaebootlog.txt and winuaelog.txt.
– RTG D3D changes: full Direct3D mode support, hardware sprite is D3DSprite.
– DirectDraw still supported but only in basic mode (no hardware cursor, no scaling etc..) Direct3D is so much simpler and easier (automatic scaling, transparency, clipping)
– Currently D3D scanlines and overlays are also applied to D3D RTG screens which may not be what you want…

– NOTE: some older cards or drivers seem to have random problems that come and go between restarts, configuration changes etc.. Report Windows version, card name and driver version when this happens. (when this happens there are no error messages in the log and only on screen leds are visible, it is some other problem if error was logged)

– removed paletted (256 color) mode support completely (no functional changes because native modes haven’t supported it for ages and RTG modes have used 16/32-bit modes and transparent color space remapping since 1.6)
– Direct3D selection moved to misc panel (D3D isn’t filter specific anymore)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 5 (3,7 Mo)

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