Un très bon émulateur de Sega Dreamcast et Naomi.

UPDATE: Yup, apparently Sendspace guys don’t like Makaron. Or emulators in general. They deleted the file citing terms of use violation. I will upload T12/2 to another place but this gives me opportunity to add support for a few more MAME images so please wait a bit.

UPDATE2: Updated version is now available.
– « Toy Fighter » off-by-one bug fixed
– « Giant Gram 2000 » will now load (but won’t work due to missing M1 data)
– « Virtua NBA » added (though the « virnbao » version will not work, this one seems protected?)
– « Samba De Amigo » added (I’m not saying it’s playable mind you)
– « Guilty Gear X » _would_ work if not for a truncated protection file (but here’s a hint, unpack ggx.zip, add zeros to the file to match required length and pack it again and it will work now)
– « Dead or Alive 2 Millenium » will now properly load parent ROM (same goes for other games with variants)
– « 18 Wheeler » added (not tested)
– « Crazy Taxi » added (not tested)
– « Death Crimson OX » added

Télécharger Makaron T12.5 + Naomi T12.7 (919,3 Ko)

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