AEON est un émulateur de DOS pour Windows XP SP3/Vista et 7.

– Fixed memory leak when launching more than one program without restarting Aeon in between
– Minor performance improvements
– Lots of DOS process management fixes
– Command interpreter is now less of a kludge and uses interrupt-driven I/O like everything else
– Added configuration support and configuration editor – not complete yet
– Can now change drive mountings while emulator is running (with sometimes disastrous results – use only for disk swapping!)
– Integer divide-by-zero CPU exceptions now handled more efficiently
– Added command prompt change current drive command
– Added some primitive MSCDEX support – a _few_ CD-based programs may work now
– Fixed bug in LMSW instruction
– Fixed bug in DOS get file attributes function
– Added support for launching DOS programs/configuration files via command line
– Fixed intermittent crashing due to bug in mouse driver callback
– Fixed some issues with how Aeon handles invalid MS-DOS file names
– Lots of internal code cleanup and refactoring

Télécharger AEON 0.64 (1,5 Mo)

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