Il s’agit d’un port de Jpcsp mais écrit en C++. Cela permet d’obtenir de meilleurs résultats en terme de rapidité et une meilleure intégration sous Windows. Il est fournit avec un plugin graphique (basé sur DirectX 9) et un plugin émulant en HLE le firmware 1.50 de la PSP (écrit avec l’aide de GiGaHeRz bien connu dans le secteur).

Full VFPU support (many with some bugs and not optimized)
Added command line parser to pcsp so it can be used with pcsp-xmb and pcsp-udb.
Added a critical message when trying to run the emulator with a CPU without SSE/SSE2 instruction set
-New texture system
-Now supports correct DXT and other formats that used to be wrong.
-Also does correct blending, texture states etc.
-Better clear function.
-Implementation of the NREV ge command (normal reverse)
-Implementation of CMD_XPOS1, CMD_XPOS2 and CMD_XSIZE
-Implementation of sceDisplayAdjustAccumulatedHcount,sceDisplayGetVcount,sceDisplayGetCurrentHcount,sceGeEdramGetAddr
-Fixed sceGeEdramGetSize
-Implementation of sceImposeGetBatteryIconStatus .
-New IO system
-Supports directory reading , raw sector reading , correctly memcard IO operations and a lot more fixes
-Fixed some alloc/dealloc mismatches
-Intergrated debugger
-Logger/Stdout/Stderr tabs in Debugger
-Sysmem viewer
-Added window menu so each dock window can toggleview
-Implementation of sceKernelGetSystemTime , sceKernelSysClock2USec
-Correct implementation for sceKernelGetSystemTimeLow,sceKernelGetSystemTimeWide ,sceKernelUSec2SysClock
-Complete rewrite of Kernel VPL and Kernel FPL HLE instruction set.
-Implementation of sceImposeSetLanguageMode,sceImposeGetLanguageMode
-Implementation of sceIoDevctl 0x02025806 and 0x02425823 cmd commands
-Always On Top option in menu
-Added messageboxes for encrypted games (pcsp will report now if you try to load an encrypted game).
-No more flickering when interacting with menus
-A workaround to fix memory allocation issues. Pcsp should now work with aero enabled.
-More logging to Attrac3 HLE .No implementation at the time
-Rewrote detection of Boot files.They now report ok. (some games used to reported that they are encrypted and they weren't)


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