Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.

New for this release:
– Added automatic creation of the ROMs MD5 file (roms.md5.auto) for ROMs found
in the default location. Users should rename the old ‘roms.md5’ file to
‘roms.md5.user’ if a manually created MD5 file is required.
– Added –md5-create option to force the creation of the ‘roms.md5.auto’
file to replace the existing one. Normally ‘roms.md5.auto’ will only be
created when it is not found or a later ubee512 version is run for the
first time.
– Added –bpclr option to clear a debugging break point.
– Added SLAX package to the distribution packages.

– Removed roms.md5 from the distribution as this file is now auto generated.
– Changes to roms.alias.sample (notes)
– Added ‘remote’ disk type macros to ubee512rc.sample.

– Fixed problems with sector ID, read and write functions failing because of
unsupported functions in the driver type in use. The changes will make
use of an alternative function appropriate for the driver to be used
instead. This has fixed issues when using the ‘raw’ and ‘remote’ driver
as an input and possibly other driver types when using the LibDsk
– Fixed an issue when attempting to use LibDsk’s ‘remote’ driver. The fix
should allow the file name specification to work when it does not point to
an actual file, this should also apply to the ‘rcpmfs’ driver. (not tested)
– Fixed account creation to correctly report when a ROMs alias configuration
file has been created.

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