Hoxs64 est un émulateur Commodore 64 tournant sous Windows avec DirectX 9 (ou +). Il est encore en développement, si bien que si il manque quelques choses maintenant, elle sera la plus tard (dixit l’auteur).

1) Corrected the sprite multicolour enable register transitions.
2) Corrected VIC mode change transition from text mode to multicolour text mode to give pixel exact output.
3) Corrected VIC bottom border behaviour.
4) Fixed bug with the recently implemented edge triggered raster IRQ behaviour.
5) Bug fixes and performance improvements to the GCR to D64 converter that is used by the file dialog directory browser, quickload and the save to D64.
6) Fixed bug with the quickload of D64 programs that should be started with SYS.
7) Added light pen IRQ re-trigger behaviour.

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