Voici Mekaw, la nouvelle version de Meka qui tourne sous Windows.

– Updated MEKA license, data are now licensed under the same term as sources. The license is now unrestrictive BSD-like. [Omar]
– Removed « k » and associated donation rambling from the documentation. Donations are still welcome, at your own discretion.

– Emulation:
– Added support for « no bank switching » mapper. Used by Korean games such as « FA Tetris » and « Flash Point » which write to $fffe-$ffff range for its RAM usage but do not expect bank-switching. [Omar]
– Added support for Korean 8KB banks mapper. Used by Korean games ported
from MSX such as « Penguin Adventure », « Street Master » or « Won-Si-In ». [Omar]

– GUI:
– Fixed Light Phaser and Terebi Oekaki cursor shape when switching from 32-bits GUI mode to 16-bits game only mode. [Omar]
– File browser: fixed positionning of BAD and HACK icons, which aren’t overlays anymore. [Omar]
– Added Canadian flag (for DB and File Browser). [Omar]
– Fixed crash when empty gradient range are specified in theme file. [Omar]
– Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists. [Omar]

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