Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– do not center horizontally if there is no bitplanes enabled (result was very badly aligned screen, normally not visible but if there are background color changes or sprites..)
– input config backwards compatibility fix, old versions read GamePorts mode as Configuration#4
– huge brown paper bag bug fixed, in some situations INTREQR can return bit 15 set.. (fast CPU modes only, introduced in earlier 2.x release)
– do not emulate hpos offset in non-cycle exact modes, JIT mode can return hpos/vpos value pairs that are not normally possible (and so far only some A500 programs require hpos offset = vpos increments when hpos equals 4, not when hpos equals 0)
– audio filter emulation didn’t always follow power led state correctly
– emulate fire and left mouse button contact bounce (no 2nd and 3rd because they are connected to POT capacitors) Fixes Spacestone which waits for button release and then immediately checks button state again.. I guess coder had really bad joystick firebutton, planet selection works quite unreliably on my real A1200 cycle-exact only
– NTSC disk timing was not fully compatible with RNC Copylock
– b6 wordsync change reverted, another hopefully better tweak added
– joystick button pullups removed, this will break some games’ second joystick button read routines but it has to be done because they wouldn’t work on real Amigas with standard joystick either and this workaround also breaks some other games that don’t expect pullups (Dick Tracy for example)

– another big input change, Game Ports settings are now always merged with currently selected input configuration (possibly overwriting event that was manually configured in slot 0) In other words, Game Ports panel settings are now finally working as expected by most users instead of only confusing most users Just select your gamepad/joystick using GamePorts panel, select Configuration#1 and remap remaining extra buttons, should be simple and easy enough now.

This also means old Configuration#x configurations now have Gameports mappings merged when loaded. (which most likely is something you don’t want) Workaround: set GamePorts settings to Hopefully some kind of automatic fix is possible..

– GamePorts mapped Configuration#x events are marked as [PortX] in Input list where X is port number.
– GamePorts custom configuration in Configuration#x mode also supported. NOTE: configuration files that have GamePorts customized Input Configuration#x’s are not backwards compatible
– renamed GamePorts port 0 -> port 1 and port 1 -> port 2, now same as input target port numbers (1 = « mouse » port, 2 = « joystick » port, 3 and 4 are parallel joystick adapter ports)
– do not add default mappings to Configuration#x joysticks and mice (not needed anymore)
– automatically disable empty devices in Configuration#x modes

– Improved (I think..) GamePorts remap/test GUI.

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