Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– most debugger options now accept .b, .w and .l size extension (+special .3 if 3-byte word), old style separate size values (1, 2, 3 or 4) not supported anymore
– debugger ‘w’ memory freeze mode improved, now also works with copper writes, word and long size freeze values work properly
– fixed right border corruption when horizontal centering enabled
– filesystem access problems fixed (b2, forgotten test code..)
– another « too fast CPU » hack re-added to audio code
– quickstart « disk image requires ks2.0+ » message ignored A3000/A4000/CD32 configurations
– skip DMAL emulation in JIT modes
– rawinput supports rawinput packets that have zero scancode but virtual keycode set or null device handle (for example some software injected keys and some keyboard media keys), packets with null device handle are redirected to new « winuae null keyboard »

Major updates in CD related options, IOCTL access, built-in image mounter, CD32, CDTV, uaescsi.device (I started to clean up this mess and I couldn’t stop ) :

– cd rom image and IOCTL handling rewritten, unified toc and subchannel data structures
– cd drive/image selection added to harddrives panel (quickstart duplicate, temporary location until real CD selection panel is done.. if ever..) Use this to switch images and drives on the fly, report if switching causes crashes or weird behavior. NOTE: only unit 0 supported in uaescsi.device mode, other units are immediately put to « no disk » state when this option is used for the first time.
– quickstart/harddrives CD « image mode » selected with blank select box: enable image drive without media
– always use IOCTL in CD32/CDTV modes
– only enumarate SPTI devices when uaescsi.device is enabled
– subchannel support added to IOCTL CDROM handling (CD+G)
– CloneCD (.ccd) CD image file support added, including subchannel files
– CD32 CD subchannel DMA channel emulated, CD+G audio CDs supported
– CD32 CD end of play notification only worked if play command was last packet sent
– many CD32 and CDTV on the fly drive/image/media change updates again
– CDTV statefile support added
– CDTV 6525 (CIA-like 3-port IO chip/interrupt controller) emulation rewritten
– CDTV CD subchannel hardware emulated (CD+G, see notes below)
– added CDTV front panel CD player buttons to input event list (they directly control CD mechanism and they are the only buttons that work in CD+G mode)
– « regular » CDTV remote Play/Stop/etc.. input events emulate front panel buttons when CD drive receives enable front panel command, sends « normal » keycodes when frontpanel is disabled
– simple SCSI emulation added to image mounter in uaescsi.device mode (no CD audio support yet) simple means: CDFS in SCSI mode should work with mounted images now, nothing more. (TEST UNIT READY, READ [6,10,12], READ TOC, INQUIRY, READ CAPACITY emulated. Audio CD commands will be implemented in later betas)
– added SCSI emulation option to SCSI GUI panel, enables SCSI emulation when using real drives
– uaescsi.device mounted image file changed without CMD_ADDCHANGEINT or CMD_REMOVE media change interrups: use long 8 second media change delay (CDFS default poll time is ~5s)

CD+G notes: (This is the second most useless and stupid feature ever, only thing that can have bigger time wasted/pointlessness ratio will be CD32 FMV cartridge..)

Some subchannel packets will be lost if emulation slows down too much.
CD+G confirmed working, CD+MIDI should also work but not tested.

CD32 CD+G mode starts automatically, button also in main audio CD screen.

CDTV needs extra steps: In audio CD player screen select « TV/Keyboard » icon in bottom right corner, then press front panel Play-button, only front panel buttons are accepted at this point. NOTE: CDTV CD+G does not (yet) work in cycle-exact mode.

CD32 and CDTV do not correctly handle all CD+G discs, it seems both miss first few subchannel packets at the beginning.. Confirmed on real CD32 and CDTV. They do work in emulation if playback start position is about 1s earlier than asked but this hack is disabled because it can cause cd audio sync issues in games.

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