Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– reverted b5 audio hack, it breaks other programs and also it does not seem to be audio.device bug after all but application calling CMD_WRITE with interrupts disabled..
– zipped iso was unnecessarily unpacked completely during scanning if cue was found later
– some drives/driver/Windows versions don’t seem to like IOCTL_CDROM_RAW_READ, returns ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION (XP returned ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER). Falls back to SPTI SCSI passthrough in this situation and uses SCSI READ CD command
– improved default ROM path handling
– ccd and mds CDA was silent (b5)
– higher CPU usage, display emulation debugging stuff.. (b5)
– initial rom scan didn’t load AF key files correctly
– updated VPOSW fake 60hz support sometimes selected bogus 314 line timing for sound sync (not really much difference, might have caused some extra SND% changes)
– CD32 audio play status code was unreliable if new CDA play command was send without stopping previous play state (Fightin’ Spirit CD32)
– CD32 state restore ignored statefile embedded CD image path (if included)
– CD32 state save saved wrong command fifo offset, restoring state can send some random commands to drive (old bug)
– new CDTV state file support was quite unusable
– state restore didn’t initialize audio completely, samples playing while state was restored could play incorrectly until sample (on any channel) ended or new sample was started (old bug)
– printscreen key saves screenshot when button is released (was when pressed) quick workaround for Windows built-in screenshot not getting overridden in rawinput keyboard mode (perhaps there is better way..)
– « highend » quickstart mode was not in KS2.0+ check list
– fullscreen 8-bit RTG and « match depth » RTG setting enabled and 32-bit display mode selected in Display panel: 16-bit mode was selected with 32-bit mode color settings.

« Portable mode » updates: (and no stupid registry related comments again or..)

– added -portable command line parameter which is same as « -ini winuae.ini », creates ini in temp directory if winuae.exe directory is write protected
– / also accepted
– official support for relative paths added, checkbox in Paths panel, automatically enabled when ini mode is started (ini missing or empty), all paths that are inside of winuae directory are kept relative. Report all possible side-effects or paths that are not in correct format. Currently all relative paths have . prefix, this may disappear in future
– do not set apppath in registry in ini-mode
– real harddrive configuration path is now « : » (was « HD_« ) (to prevent relative/absolute path conversion conflicts, field is unfortunately shared with hdf paths), this is automatically converted when old config is loaded

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