Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– archive dragndrop worked too well, it unpacked everything, including adf filesystem etc..
– do not expand zipped filename when dragdropping if zip only contains single file
– insert floppy image dialog in disk swapper also « extracts » images inside selected archive
– MODE1 « raw » 2352 data tracks didn’t work in CDTV and image mounter + uaescsi.device non-direct scsi mode
– MODE2 FORM1 data tracks didn’t work in uaescsi.device SCSI emulation mode
– CDTV mode didn’t close CD handle when reseting
– CDTV frame interrupts in non audio CD play mode stopped working (broke when CD+G was implemented)
– overlay height configuration file setting was written incorrectly if it had non-zero value
– statefile configuration entry is not lost when configuration is load and saved again
– scan zip directory even if compression method is unknown
– hardfile scsi emulation block validation checked against physical size, not virtual size: direct-scsi filesystem installed on dynamic hardfile didn’t work very well..
– dynamic hdf corrupted data if hdf’s physical file size grew over 4G
– bezel overlay support improved, aspect ratio correction, visible area autodetection, (image positioning is not yet pixel perfect)
– pointless bezel configuration file size parameters (temporarily?) removed, bezel overlay configuration needs to be reset (it had stupid design fault)
– DIWSTRT/DIWSTOP writes didn’t check if hdiw state should have changed since last hsync (has always been broken but it wasn’t really needed until Denise « bug » update in 2.0) fixes Friday at Eight / Polka Brothers

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