Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– addaq.x #x,Ax and subaq.x #x,Ax had too long cycle count (this was really stupid bug)
– joystick type (default,mouse,joystick,analog joystick,etc..) was reset to default when configuration was loaded
– do not decide bitplane dma overriding sprite dma too early, DDFSTRT might get moved few cycles before bitplane dma was originally supposed to start (Heimdall 2 AGA mouse cursor)
– floppy panel DF0: « write-protected » text was getting disabled
– SCSI emulation is only forced if version stored in configuration file is older than 2.3
– CDTV MODE2FORM0 2336 byte sectors didn’t work in image mode
– Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective separate video tracks hack removed, working full image is available.
– mds subchannel data wrong positioning fixed
– fixed some rare thread syncronization issues when CDA was stopped
– read also standard 2048 byte sectors using SPTI if CDA required SPTI mode, mixing IOCTL and SPTI does not seem to be reliable
– Brian the Lion CD32 starts CDA play at the very end of data track, obviously this must not be an error, only return error if both current start and start + 2s is located inside data track
– files inside archives didn’t load if path was relative
– paused CD32/CDTV was resumed after exiting GUI (« old-style » GUI pause/resume was not removed..)
– directories selected via « favorite menu » also sets default path
– prowizard updates

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