Cet émulateur Intellivision supporte l’ECS et les claviers (musique). Voici les news :

AVI format movies can now be recorded while playing a game! By pressing , all screen activity and sound is recorded to an AVI file at a maximum of 15 frames per second.
Screen captures are now saved in Windows Bitmap format.
Screenshots and other captures now reside in their own directory:
Captures are now named based on the game you’re playing.
Multiple captures are now possible, up to 99,999 separate captures of a type per game. For example, if you took 3 screenshots while playing Snafu, they would be saved as:
Old capture files will never be overwritten by Nostalgia. A new filename is chosen each time.
Command line options have been changed for flexibility. See « Command Line Options » in the readme and help files for more information. Again, thanks Remi. 🙂
Video timing accuracy bug fixed. Thanks, Joe Z.

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