Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.

New for this release:
– The new sound driver is now the default with the older code having been removed altogether. The new code produces excellent sound quality and has less drop outs.
– Added an audio DAC parallel port device argument of ´dac´ to the
–parallel-port option to select the new 8 bit DAC emulation.
– Added EMUKEY+PAGEDOWN hot key to emulate a Microbee ´power cycle´. This action has also been added to the OSD menu.
– Added –powercyc option to perform a ´power cycle´.
– Added joystick Hat events to generate pseudo button numbers.
– Added –js-hat and –js-hatb options to set joystick hat parameters.
– Added –js-kkb option to make defining mapped joystick keys easier.
– Added –js-shift option to set the new joystick SHIFT button feature.
– Added joystick SHIFT button functionality that effectively doubles the number of button actions to 255-511.
– Added ´hd-teac´ and ´hd-mscribe´ hard disk formats to the
´libdskrc.sample´ file.
– Added Swedish PC85 ROM set (PC85S) aliases to ´roms.alias.sample´

– Changed –js-ACTION options to take multiple button values.
– Joystick shifted button numbers 256-511 can now be specified.
– Added axis and Hat button numbers when using –modio=+joystick argument.
– New default joystick buttons are used and enabled by default. See ´joystick.c´ or ´games.ini.sample´ for the joystick layout:

JS E|O : Up (128|144).
JS F|P : Right (129|145).
JS G|Q : Down (130|146).
JS H|R : Left (131|147).
JS K|L|T|U|X : Fire (0|1|0|1|11).
JS A|I : Player 1 (4|8 ).
JS C|J : Player 2 (5|9).
JS B|M|N|V|W : Spare (6|2|3|2|3).

JS Shift : Shift is button ´D´ (7).
JS Shift+A : Mute sound on/off (4).
JS Shift+B : Full screen on/off (6).
JS Shift+C : Pause emulator on/off (5).
JS Shift+Up : increases sound volume.
JS Shift+Down : decreases sound volume.
JS Shift+Right : increases window size.
JS Shift+Left : decreases window size.

– The BeeThoven device no longer requires an ´OUT 1,3´ before using it.
– Improvements in speed made to CRTC functions.
– Major changes to the ´games.ini.sample´ and ´ubee512rc.sample´ scripts to make setting up the joystick easier and more flexible. Emulator commands now make use of a Joystick shift button.
– Changes made to the ´ubee512rc.sample´ file.

– Changes made to –varuset option so that ´varname´, ´varname=´ and
´varname=value´ all work.
– Fixed –setvar option when attempting to set a variable that had no ´=´ character. The variable was being set but could not be located without it so now one is appended if missing. ´–setvar myvar´ will get set and found.
– Changes made to –setvar option to first check for an existing variable by the same name and removing it before setting the new variable.
– The –js-axis option was doing nothing and has been fixed.
– Fixed hard disk image type ´.hd0´ to have 306 cylinders, not 305.

Télécharger uBee512 v6.0.0 (1,4 Mo)

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