Un émulateur d’Oric 1/Atmos et Telestrat écrit en C et utilisant SDL.

– Added Telestrat support, although it doesn’t work enough to be useful yet.
– Added Pravetz-8D support, although the Pravetz/Apple disk system is not supported yet.
– Added some error checking to the command-line argument parsing.
– Standard return codes on exit.
– IJK and PASE/Altai joystick emulation (thanks to Twilighte and Stefan Haubenthal for info)
– For all ROM image files, Oricutron now looks for a corresponding « .pch » file with information about the ROM, such as patch addresses for turbotape, or the keyboard layout expected by the ROM.
ROM filenames are now specified in the config file.
– Now uses SDL_RWops to load images and ROMs for better cross-platform compatibility (thanks to revolf).
– The disk emulation now updates sector CRCs when writing to disk (oops!)
– OpenGL rendering mode with optional display aspect stretching.
– Optional scanline simulation.
– You can toggle fullscreen mode from the menus.
– Software rendering mode now has a 32bit mode as well as 16bit. Oricutron attempts to select the optimal mode, but it can be overridden in the config file (thanks to Alexandre Devert)

– For all ROM image files, Oricutron now looks for a corresponding « .sym » file with symbols for the debugger when that ROM is active.
– Disassembling to file now uses full symbol names.
– Supports CC65/VICE style label files (thanks to Stefan Haubenthal).
– You can now create or move symbols while using the assembler.
– You can create, delete and export symbols from the monitor commandline.
– Added a memory modify command.
– Fixed breakpoint behaviour. Before, when the CPU hit a breakpoint, the rest of the emulation would execute for the cycles of that command, even though the command wasn’t executed.

– Pressing help brings up the AmigaGuide readme. (thanks to Stefan Haubenthal)

– You can paste from the clipboard with F9. (thanks to revolf)
– Native messagebox and file requester. (thanks to revolf)

– Native messagebox and file requester. (thanks to revolf)

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