Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Arcade laserDisk dont voici les améliorations:

– Added « -fullscreen_window » and « -scalefactor » command-line options (rdg)
– Dragon’s Lair and Space Ace Euro improvements (MarkB)
Changed tonegen so that odd channels are outputted to left channel and even go to right channel
Changed LairEuro’s graphics rendering to follow the schematics.
Also made computer generated sound on right channel only.
– Added Time Traveler to seektest.
– Added Mad Dog 1 to seektest.
– Added SINGE function « discSkipToFrame ».
– Fixed sample callback feature so it runs in the main thread and not the audio thread.

v1.0.8 – The SINGE update

– Revised « how_to_compile » windows and unix text files.
– Revised linux makefile.vars files (x86 and x64), plain « Makefile », and added Makefile.linux to the singe folder.
Daphne with Singe can now be compiled under Linux.

– Updated lua engine to from 5.1.1 to 5.1.4
– singe_interface.h updated to version 4.
+ Added functions to the SINGE library for keyboard mode and get_vldp status.
– singeproxy.h – Added function declarations to the proxy.
– singeproxy.cpp – Added the following functions on the lua scripts side:
« keyboardGetMode » – Returns a value representing keyboard mode (MODE_FULL, MODE_NORMAL).
« keyboardSetMode » – Sets the keyboard mode.
« discGetState » – Returns the state of the VLDP according to the enumeration found
« singeGetPauseFlag » – For tracking complex pause states.
« singeSetPauseFlag »
« singeQuit » – Causes Daphne to terminate execution.

+ Added internal variable g_pause_state for tracking complex pause states
Useful when pausing playback isn’t enough or when it is necessary to know
who paused the game (the user or the program).

– linit.c – Added a Mersenne Twister random number generator as a lua plugin (written by Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo).
– game.h – added GAME_SINGE to the driver enumeration declaration.
– input.cpp – modified process_event so that it routes input handling to singe.
– samples.cpp – Raised MAX_DYNAMIC_SAMPLES to 32 (from to allow additional sound samples
to be mixed (for SINGE games).

+ by Matt_O: Added checks to the SDL audio thread (fixes SINGE sound crash bug).
Audio thread no longer issues callbacks to SINGE’s « OnSoundComplete ». Responsibility
is ensured to occur by the main processing thread and only during SINGE’s « safe time »
in the main game loop (look at singe::start() for changes).

– video.cpp – modified init_display so the OS mouse cursor is always hidden
regardless if daphne is in windowed or full mode. Used by ALG SINGE games.
– vldp.h – Added a preprocessor definition to allow Linux find SDL libraries.

– singe.vcproj – Added lrandom.c and random.c to the Visual C++ project.
– daphne_vs2003.vcproj – Fixed debug « Runtime Library » settings
from « Multi-Threaded DLL » to « Multi-Threaded Debug DLL » to avoid linker errors
in newer Visual C++ versions.

– Updated source code so it builds on the latest g++

Télécharger DAPHNE v1.0.9 (5,0 Mo)