Une version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

Beta 1

!!!!!! NOTE: Re-recorder thread will be opened later. All posts related to new input recorder in this thread will disappear. !!!!!

– directory filesystem ACTION_LOCK_RECORD and ACTION_FREE_RECORD dos packets implemented (very rarely used)
– CDTV CDA playback didn’t work if play ending track was set to last track (Prehistorik CDTV)
– reset CD support internal flags when reseting or loading new configuration
– save chipset extra setting to statefile, previously state restore always restored full advanced chipset configuration and reset chipset extra setting
– 3-stage 68020 cycle-exact prefetch pipeline (not much difference compared to old one)
– do not emulate very small audio periods exactly in non-cycle exact modes, this combined with very short samples used huge amounts of CPU power (used by some stupid audio routines) (2.3.0)
– when restoring state, sound was initialized after first frame, could have caused glitches or missing sound if audio registers were modified during first frame
– mouse counters (JOYxDAT) were not restored from statefile, fixes random statefile restore mouse jump
– VPOSW ECS/AGA-only LOL-bit (long line) is hardwired to zero (can’t be modified) in standard PAL mode
– SCSI emulation START/STOP UNIT translated to physical drive load/eject command
– combined volume and period modulation was broken in 2.3 audio update (probably never used in real world..)
– added « gamepad » device type to gameports panel, has two differences compared to « joystick », 3 buttons mapped and pullup resistors emulated (most Amiga compatible gamepads have pullups). It is not possible to have pullups automatically in joystick mode because it can break some badly programmed single-button games, some detect always pressed button in this situation.. (fixes Aladdin and other games that only have working 2nd button if buttons have pullup resistors)
– allow scanning of plain roms (no archives) in winuae root directory
– A2065 statefile support (autoconfig location saved), max allowed transmit size was too small, big packets were silently dropped, random lost transmit interrupts, broadcast packets being ignored if NIC chip hardware multicast filter was disabled
– change emulated board filesystem and Z3 board IDs because of ID conflicts with QuickNet Z2 board (2011/2)
– set default filter to 1x (was FS) and enable new « default » scaling method that only scales if window size is set to « large enough » or so small that image wouldn’t fit, always scales in fullscreen modes.
– « autoresolution » checkbox added to Display panel, automatically selects lowest used resolution setting (lores screen = lores/nondoubled, lores and hires at the same time = hires/nondoubled etc..) Positioning may not work correctly yet, glitches possible.. Enable some autoscaling settings if you don’t want changing display size..
– do not attempt to steal focus in magic mouse mode if WinUAE is not active, it only messes up focus state
– A500 power led fade tricks should really work now
– less accurate CIA register access timing in JIT modes (not really much point in accuracy..)
– « re-recorder » implemented (completely rewritten combined input/state recorder). More information coming later.

– many statefile related changes for input/state recorder compatibility, may break something else..
* WARNING: statefiles created with betas may not be compatible with future versions!
* save current track’s data and density in statefile if disk drive motor was active (regenerated
raw track data/density after state restore may not be identical if using ipf or fdi images)
* state save/restore while disk DMA is active is now fully supported
* save strings in utf8 (should have been done long time ago during unicode updates..)
* useless DMAC chunk was saved in non-CDTV configurations (2.3.0)
* CD state chunks were saved even if selected configuration didn’t have any CD drives (2.3.0)
* 68020 cache and prefetch pipeline saved and restored
* debugger memory watchpoints saved and restored
* save active (very rare) interrupt delays (interrupts that have been triggered but have not yet been noticed by Paula)
* mid-instruction CPU state save support, restored state CPU state is now exactly same as when state was saved (68000 CE only, 68020 CE later), previously current instruction was simply restarted (this was really complex and non-trivial task, it is only easy if you accept much higher CPU usage. Which isn’t good idea…)
* full blitter statefile support in cycle exact mode, state capture/input recorder only currently. This saves blitter emulation variables, not real hardware state (internal statemachine state, latches, counters etc..) because internal structure is unknown. State capture only because it requires 100% identical state after restore (normal blitter state forces current blit to finish). This is not enabled in normal state saving because it is very difficult to keep state saving compatibility between versions when state is hardcoded to current emulation implementation.

Beta 2:

– CIA timing issue in some situations (b1)
– some 68020+ exceptions had wrong return address (b1)
– do not attempt to save log window position if it is minimized
– do not set vblank bit during state restore, old code that broke interrupt delaying and rerecorder timing

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