Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Sega Megadrive créé à l’origine par Charles Mac Donald puis porté (et amélioré) sur GC, Wii, Xbox360… et portant le nom de Genesis Plus GX. Il s’agit donc ici d’un back port de Genesis Plus GX pour Windows (via SDL) créé par EkeEke.

– implemented Blargg’s blip buffer in SN76489 core (all channels are now lineary interpolated)

– improved 2-cell vscroll emulation accuracy, as verified on real hardware (Gynoug, Cutie Suzuki no Ringside Angel, Formula One, Kawasaki Superbike Challenge)
– improved VBLANK flag accuracy, as observed on real hardware.
– improved DMA operations accuracy, writes are now performed on a scanline basis: fixes Gaiares (flickering title screen).
– improved DMA Fill timing accuracy.
– fixed DMA with bad code values: fixes Williams Arcade Classics (corrupted gfx after soft reset).
– fixed horizontal resolution changes during HBLANK: fixes Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble (2nd stage).
– fixed Vertical Counter in interlace mode 1, as observed on real hardware.
– fixed horizontal border width, as observed on real hardware.
– various code improvments & optimizations.

– fixed state of Z80 registers on reset (sound issues with Defender & Defender 2 in Williams Arcade Classics)
– implemented 68k undocumented flags behavior for DIVU/DIVS instructions (Bloodshot / Battle Frenzy)

– improved emulation of copy-protection hardware found in some unlicensed cartridges (Mulan, Pocket Monsters II).
– enabled simultaneous use of multitap & J-CART (Super Skidmarks 6-player mode)
– improved savestate format: added DMA, SVP, cartridge mapping & internal registers state informations
– improved unlicensed ROM mappers emulation
– added Chinese Fighters III mapper support
– added Top Fighter mapper support
– fixed Barver Battle Saga mapper support
– fixed cartridge hardware soft-reset (Game Genie, SVP, …)
– fixed Game Genie registers byte reads

Télécharger Genesis Plus/SDL v1.6.0 (833,1 Ko)

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