Un émulateur de NES nécessitant Windows Vista ou 7 car il demande de posséder DirectX 10 ou supérieur.

– Sound engine improvements – audible adjustments to playback frequency are essentially eliminated
– Fixed IRQ behavior following CLI, PLP, and RTI instructions (fixes Pinbot, High Speed, and some test ROMs)
– More accurate MMC3 implementation
– Fixed sprite DMA from non-CPU memory (fixes Noah’s Ark)
– CRC-based detection for ROMs that aren’t adequately described by iNES headers
– ROMs are cached on startup for smoother scrolling through the menu (can be disabled in nemulator.ini)
– Hotkeys for resetting games (F2) and switching between fast and accurate emulation modes (F3)
– Emulation of emphasis bits and grayscale mode
– Fixed handling of OAM reads via $2004 while rendering; Micro Machines is working properly now
– A lot of code reorg/cleanup and a few bug fixes
– Added support for the following mappers:
o MMC6 – Startropics
o 23 – Contra (J), Parodius, Crisis Force
o 67 – Fantasy Zone 2 (J)
o 78 – Holy Diver (J)
o 93 – Fantasy Zone (J)
o 94 – Senjou no Ookami
o 119 – Pinbot, High Speed
o 184 – Atlantis no Nazo
o 185 – Spy vs. Spy (J), Mighty Bomb Jack (J)

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