Une version de VBA (basé sur la dernière version stable) créée par Sébastien Guignot aka kxu avec l’aide de Costis (object mosaic GP32), KVA (ARM/THUMB disassembler), kxu (GTK+ interface), Yann Parmentier aka kohai (new icons) et les ajouts de Nitsuja. Sa fonction première est de développer des fonctionnalités liées à la création de films via des enregistrements vidéos.

—VBA-rr v23.4—
12-08-2010 gcupcakekid – Added memory.gbromreadxxxx() functions.
12-08-2010 aquanull – Fixed when the movie being played is closed right at the frame equal to « Pause at frame ».
12-05-2010 aquanull – Disabled something not implemented yet.

—VBA-rr v23.3–
11-28-2010 aquanull – Fixed the bug that reset failed to clear the whole screen.
11-23-2010 aquanull – Fixed the old movie input buffer bug.
11-21-2010 aquanull – Improved GBx mode detection upon reset.
11-21-2010 aquanull – Fixed crash when loading a GBC mode savestate in mono GB mode.
11-17-2010 aquanull – Added an option for GB games to mimic the pre-v23 white screen input behavior.
11-13-2010 aquanull – Fixed a bug that loading a post-movie savestate in read+write mode would result in a glitched recording mode.
11-12-2010 aquanull – Frame Counter now tells if the movie is being played in edit mode.
11-12-2010 aquanull – Movie->Resume Recording now becomes Movie->Resume/Exit Recording, which changes Read-Only settings as well.
11-11-2010 aquanull – Restored old behavior of Movie->When Movie Ends->Restarts i.e. the movie will restart as soon as it ends.
11-11-2010 aquanull – Mute Frame and Mute When Inactive no more mutes dumped audio.
11-09-2010 aquanull – Fixed the issue that UI was not redrawn after the rom was closed.
11-06-2010 aquanull – More throttle options availible.
11-06-2010 aquanull – Fixed the issue that the emulator ignored the synchronization option with sound turned off.

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