Il sagit d’un ficher DAT regroupant plusieurs informations « historique » et « pratique » pour les jeux émulés par MAME, il comporte aussi une section « tips and tricks ». Notez qu’il n’est disponible qu’en Anglais…

MAME History.dat 1.41 for MAMEUi 0.141 or your favorite frontend is now available at the usual place.

Since more than 10 years now, the database was updated ALL DAYS in the hope to reference all a maximum of coin-operated games and machines. During the previous years, we have reached 40,000 entries. Here are the precise statistics for the first day of this new year:

41,903 coin-operated games from 4277 different manufacturers, via 30 categories. This includes:
7713 coin-op video games.
9717 slot machines & casino games.
3247 pinballs.
125 coin-op bat games.
235 coin-op bingos.
492 bowlers/shuffle alley.
373 coin-op gun games.
2245 pachinkos.
1035 jukeboxes.
1553 redemption games.
2573 coin-op trade stimulators.
260 fortune tellers.
700 kiddie rides.
180 strength testers.
66 allwins.
154 working models.
1955 vending machines.
417 musical instruments.
290 coin-op pool tables.
72 coin-op viewers.
46 shockers.
68 coin-op scales.
155 photo booths.
169 coin-op service machines.
169 coin-op wall games.
1228 pachislots.
32 coin-op dart games.
2333 ohers coin-op games & machines.
176 cabinets and even 136 arcade non-coin machines.
some others things…

This make us the largest database of coin-operated amusements on internet.

THANKS YOU VERY MUCH to all contributors (information, images, suggestions, etc.)

A quick note about another coin-operated database on internet:
the guy at KLOV/ (Greg McLemore) has registered and recently (in 2008). These domain names redirect to the uncomplete

Don’t be faked, the only official address to reach us is

I’ll continue to grow the main database this year, I’ve 365 days to reach the 50,000 entries. Everybody is welcome to join me in this quest.

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