Nouvelle version béta de cet émulateur de Snes.

As most of you know, bsnes development is a real-time process, and I have a very limited number of beta testers. As a result, sometimes official releases are known to have some various regression bugs. It’s unfortunate, but with a development team of one, it’s the best I can do.

Sometimes there are very substantial changes that really warrant more testing, however. And v075 will be one such release.

I’ve completely rewritten and simplified the S-CPU memory mapping subsystem, and it is now capable of one-byte granularity in mapping. Doing this required rewriting all memory mapping for every special chip, most notably for the SuperFX, SA-1 and BS-X. From my limited testing, things seem okay, but I would really appreciate if some of you wouldn’t mind giving the beta a go and testing for any regressions.

There are some nice things waiting for those willing: fullscreen support was re-added, you can toggle it via the F11 shortcut key. The SHA256 sum for the ST-0011 coprocessor was fixed. The old SHA256 sum from v074 was for an image that had a few unfortunate bit errors that broke the AI. Super Game Boy emulation has been improved significantly: many fixes to interrupts and the STAT register allow many more games to be fully playable. Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Sagaia, and my personal favorite, Shin Megami Tensei: Devichil – Black Book are all fully functional now, among others.

There is still no Super Game Boy sound emulation at this time, however. There really aren’t any sane docs about how to go about emulating this chip at the full 4MHz. I could really use some help if there are any Game Boy emulator authors out there.

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