Il s’agit d’un portage en Java de Dosbox, permettant à de multiples systèmes d’émuler le Dos et les pc type x86 des années 90.

– Added Sound Blaster 16 support. The music in games is a bit off.
– Fixed MOVSX instruction. Now back and strafe left work in Doom.
– Fixed XMS_MoveMemory.
– Added reboot command to help diagnose Applet page reload issues
– Hacked together the PageFaultHandler. Not sure if this is good enough. Djgpp « Hello World » now works, but Noctropolis still can’t get pass its page fault.
– Status: Colonization now works. Duke 3D is a lot closer. Can now start the game and play, but there are glitches.

Télécharger jDosbox v0.74.28 (4,4 Mo)

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