Un émulateur open-source de Nintendo Pokemon Mini.

0.4.4 Changes
– Fixed POPA/POPAX timings (thanks asterick).
– Added support to read/write configurations @ ‘pokemini.cfg’.
– Load/save state are now working!
– Added support for unshared EEPROM files (Each ROM can have his own EEPROM).
– SDL Only: Zoom can now be changed on the fly under « Platform… »
– Added more options.

0.4.3 Changes
– Some fixes.
– Added zoom support for SDL platform (1x, 2x, 3x or 4x).
– Added Dreamcast platform.
– Fullscreen toggle works now on Windows.
– Added emulated sound support for all platforms.
– Improved UI.

Télécharger PokeMini Emulator v0.60 (130,2 Ko)

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