Plusieurs build WIP de FakeNES ont été releasé récement, le tout dernier daté du 05/11 inclus pas mal de changements :


Improved operation of Video > Palette menu items
Added centering
increased speed of scanlines drawing
Continuing work on adding NetPlay support
Audio > Record menu Start item disabled bug fix
Significant improvements to the timing system
Added keys to adjust light from inside the emulation


Added preliminary save state support
Fixed directory bug in NTFS (ipher)
Slightly faster (ipher)


Added 1-6 keys for state select
Added video overlay text.
Updated entire build system.


Added configurable save state and SRAM output path.
Message fix
Corrected mirroring of uneven size ROMs
Increased number of machine state slots from 6 to 10
Added MMC query interface for PPU state saving
Moved log file handling code from ‘gui.c’ to ‘main.c’
Overlay text while in GUI fix
Simplified MMC1 state saving code
Added support for MMC querying for PPU state saving to supported memory mappers


Light adjustment affecting GUI palette fix
Simplified MMC1 state saving code
Added state saving support to MMC3
Corrected PPU banking setup on reset
Added saving of palettes to PPU state saving
Added state saving support to MMC2 and MMC4


Added state saving support to VRC6 and Bandai

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