Très sympa, rapide à lancer, avec un éditeur pour modifier rapidement l’apparence de l’écran. Légèreté et efficacité.

• Video Engine Updated
• Video Type Options increased for startup video and screensaver
• Better logic applied to ‘Next Letter’ scrolling in regards to grouping games starting with non Letters
• Added Hibernate Exit option
• Improved suspend / hibernate reactions
• Added more logging loading ShowInfo window
• Error dialogue pops up if starting Video not found (Rather than just sit on blank screen until key hit)
• Options- Moved Video Display controls onto the same window as the other Display delay controls
• Menu – Exit key now bails out of the menu (no matter what level you are on)

• Fixed Definable 5 for info window.
• Fixed Snap Display if tree enabled on menu window
• Mixed Mouse scroll on initial MaLa start
• MaLa Tree – Fixed Upward Movement control so the items did not drift from their parent.
• Fixed autorepeat on Letter Up/Down X Up/Down
• Stopped ‘Show Metadata’ being enabled on pop up window when Tree Menu selected.
• Add Game to list using right click ‘PopUp’ menu – Bug fixed when using Tree
• Removed check for empty game list on Tree Menu Items
• MaLaLayout – Added comment to Properties windows to make it clear Transparency uses bottom left pixel
• Changed order so if Video and Game are selected to start on MaLa start that Video Plays first
• Add Game to list using menu – Bug fixed when using Tree
• Ability to reduce volume via menu while music stops and fades enabled
• Improved handling of snap and video loading after orientation change.
• Better handling of bad pics… No more crashing.
• Ability to set Logging in Normal mode (instead of moving to DeBug after config window open)
• Changed Key repeat defaults and mode helpful comments on config window about usage
• Bug fixed with auto repeat while volume control visible

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