Un frontend hyper complet pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour.

Colors and transparency in MAMu_ icons not being handled correctly. White frame surrounding many icons is gone.
They are perfect now, and there is a small speed improvement in the loading function 🙂
Tiles view mode, with « Disable Icon Stretch » option checked
Removed the annoying « Devices for games are not supported, only for bios sets. » message when creating MAME games lists
Timer in splash screen is back. Now it’s really working properly… I swear 🙂
Minor fixes and tweaks in « MAMu_ Icons Manager »

New preferences setting: « Text In Bold ». Check this option to enable font style « Bold » in selected items (requested feature)
Features « Scan Missing Images » and « Scan Not Used Images » merged into « Images Manager » (main menu « Images »). Minor fixes and some optimizations were also made.
Like MAMu_ Icons Manager, you can work with both lists at the same time. Some key features:
– rename not used images
– ability to maximize the window for better visual
– columns width on missing images list are saved/restored in « el_extras.ini » file
– images are loaded as icons in not used images list
– not used images are separated by folders, shown in different groups, for easier access
– move not used icons to another folder

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