bZSNES est une version portable de Zsnes écrit en c++ pour WIndows, MacOS X et Linux.
bZsnes émule pratiquement toutes les caractéristiques principales de Zsnes:

– VRAM can be written at any time, even while screen is rendering
– OAM and CGRAM can also be written at any time
– DSP echo buffer writes do not interfere with APURAM
– DRAM does not need to be periodically refreshed
– H/DMA synchronization does not steal CPU time
auto joypad polling results can be read immediately
– CPU multiplication and division register results can be read immediately
mid-scanline writes to PPU registers do not interfere with video output
– PPU background and sprite layers can be individually toggled on and off
– DSP voice channels can be individually toggled on and off
– CPU speed can be adjusted from its official frequency
… and more!

L’interface reste toutefois étrange, ressemblant trop à bsnes hormis le fond d’écran, serait-ce envisageable qu’il s’agisse d’un P… 😉

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