Un émulateur de Nintendo GameBoy écrit en C#.

– GBC DMA emulation fixed, transfer length wasn’t being calculated correctly; fixes incorrect and missing graphics in some games
– LCDC emulation improved, fixes flickering and slowdown in certain games and demos
– MBC5 ROM bank select fixed; many more Game Boy Color games now start and/or run further
– Timing of screen drawing improved, which results in less graphical glitches with ex. flickering sprites for pseudo-transparency
– Temporary hack added to allow the Zelda: Oracle games to boot correctly, coupled with the above fixes they now go in-game
– DMG and CGB bootstrap ROMs now supported; have to be named DMG_ROM.bin and CGB_ROM.bin and enabled via the menu
– Manual system type selection implemented, emulator can now be forced to run in GB or GBC mode (not complete yet)
– Controls can be changed via the GUI
– Other minor GUI and usability improvements (ex. path to last ROM image run is saved to config.xml)

– Bugfix release, fixed possible crashes at start

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