Hoxs64 est un émulateur Commodore 64 tournant sous Windows avec DirectX 9 (ou +). Il est encore en développement, si bien que si il manque quelques choses maintenant, elle sera la plus tard (dixit l’auteur).

– Text rendering bug fix to disassembly window.
– Added trace till IRQ/NMI function.
– Potential missed breakpoint while tracing bug fix.
– Miscellaneous monitor GUI fixes and improvements.
– VIC sprite collision timing fixes.
– VIC phase 2 fetch fix for Ruined Art demo.
– Improved CPU disassembly monitor. Instruction based scrolling. Separate CPU windows
allow both clock step and instruction step with ablility to step through the IRQ and NMI cycles.
VIC raster line and cycle is displayed.
– Fix to CIA Timer B bug.
– ALT Q key nuisance fixed.

Télécharger Hoxs64 (x64) v1.0.18.0 (572,9 Ko)

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