Une version de test de FBA shuffle (version modifiée et à jour de FBA) vient de voir le jour sur le site officiel.

Les nouveautés en attendant la version finale:

– changed fba shuffle version to 2.0.
– separated burn library to dll. (you can select different dll from « Help » menu)
– separated pixel filters to dll.
– added Lord of Gun and Alien Challenge driver. [iq_132]
– added Success Joe driver. [iq_132]
– added Varia Metal driver. [iq_132]
– corrected fps for some pgm games.
– fixed demo of olds.
– fixed game running after window reactive if pause manually.
– fixed cpu usage after exit game if filter is enabled.
– fixed create kaillera game list.
– fixed image scale in fake fullscreen mode.
– added custom button feature. (Map Game Inputs ==> Custom buttons)
– added log window to show emulation debug information. (change log= »true » in fbas.xml to enable log)
– added GDI video output.
– added Direct2D video output. (require win7 or vista sp2)
– adjusted config file structure.
– changed cheat, game config, favorite, gamelist file to xml.
(you can use banunu, a tool of fba shuffle to convert old ini files)
– changed some default settings.
– improved keyboard focus for gamelist dialog.
– mamep.lst must be saved as utf8(bom) for exporting local gamelist.
– removed unstable simple jukebox, M1 is the best choice to play sounds of games.
– updated libpng library to 1.5.3. (http://libpng.sourceforge.net)
– source code cleanup & optimization.
– updated romsets to match MAME 0.142.

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