Un émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k/128k écrit en C++ par Richard Chandler. Il nécessite DirectX 9.0 ou supérieur.

– ADDED: Spud can now query WoS Infoseek and download game and associated files.
– ADDED: Spud can now SAVE snapshots in all supported formats.
– ADDED: Soft reset menu option.
– ADDED: ULAplus palette editor.
– ADDED: PC logging.
– ADDED: PC logging for one frame.
– ADDED: Ability to control emulation speed (10% – 1000%).
– ADDED: Colour palette options available.
– ADDED: Tape wobble.
– ADDED: Tape autoload.
– ADDED: Standalone register view dialog box.
– ADDED: Debugger. Breakpoints (No conditional yet).
– ADDED: Debugger. Various Single Step options.
– ADDED: Debugger. Various RUN options.

– FIXED: Due to DirectSound, Spud would crash when loading a game after have changed rendering method.
– FIXED: Border drawing routines were being called more often than required.
– FIXED: More obscure bugs in the Z80 core.
– FIXED Lots of little bugs than I can’t remember.

Télécharger Spud v0.240 (392,6 Ko)

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