Quelques nouvelles concernant le développement de la v0.8.22R2 de cet émulateur ont été rendu disponible. On peut s’attendre a une release la semaine prochaine…

Major new features :

– Kickstart 1.3 RDB and regular hardfile autoboot/automount support
KS 1.3 regular (non-RDB) HDF autoboot requires FastFileSystem from WB1.3:L in KS roms-directory
– keyboard/mouse/joystick handling rewritten for DirectInput
Windows keys are now 100% usable as an Amiga keys and SHIFT-keys don’t get stuck anymore
– mouse speed configuration
– all keyboard keys (even special « multimedia keys ») are available in input-tab configuration window
– configurable floppy drive type (3.5″DD/3.5″HD/A1010 5.25″SD)

Following features require Windows 2000 or Windows XP :

– « unlimited » hardfile size (2G limit removed),
uaehf.device now supports TD64 and NSD -style 64-bit addressing
NTFS filesystem required for >4G hardfiles (FAT32 max file size is about 4G)
WARNING: Make sure installed AmigaOS is new enough (OS 3.9 recommended)
– ability to mount real harddisks with full RDB automount/autoboot support
– Amithlon partition support

Screenshots :

Harddrive configuration window (Cliquer pour agrandir)

HDToolbox (Cliquer pour agrandir)

Bug fixes :

– Slow harddisk, CDROM, etc.. performance in non-CPU idle mode
– CPU idle tweaks, defaults to off, config file support
– disk emulation improvements
– added missing configuration file entries
– better compatibility with old config files
– 68000 « more compatible »-checkbox works again
– fixed uaehf.device crash with older HDToolBox versions
– custom chipset fixes (Chaos Engine AGA/CD32, Obliterator, Terrorpods etc..)
– GUI’s screenshot-button was always disabled
– state file restore fixes (CPU type is automatically restored correctly and more)
– switch from fullscreen/no-vsync to vsync-mode crash fixed
– filesystem « ghost »-file bug fixed (but filesystem emulation still have some bugs left..)
– bsdsocket emulation compatibility fixes
– fixed serial and printer port defaults

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