Un émulateur open-source de Nintendo Pokemon Mini.

– Debugger is now complete!
– Reordered menu items better
– Added Dingux platform (Thanks coccijoe for the port src code)
– Fixed issue of sound going out of sync
– Separated piezo filtering (now works with any sound engine)
– Fixed result of SUB instruction with decimal mode
– Fixed PRC rate divider
– Corrected some options in configurations file
– Multicart support
– Made sure shared EEPROM and cfg files are only saved on emulator’s
executable directory
– Added « Sync cycles » option that allow to trade between performance and
accurancy, higher value can speed up emulation but may cause problems
Pressing Left/Right while browsing will now page up/down, selecting
drive is now C+Left and C+Right
– Unofficial colors palette changed (but still backward compatible)
– New zooms: 5x (480×320) and 6x (576×384)
– Loading ROM from ZIP package is now supported
– More palettes and 2 custom ones, they can be edited by pressing A
– Win32 platform is now fixed and updated
– Joystick can now be re-defined in portable devices
– SDL Only: Keyboard can now be re-defined under « Platform… »
– Dreamcast Only: PAL/NTSC can now be selected under « Platform… »
– NDS Only: Added FPS counter and rumble pak level adjustment
– PSP Only: Zoom from 1x to 4x can now be changed under « Platform… »

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