Un émulateur de Nintendo GameBoy écrit en C#.

– More accurate CPU emulation (according to the tests, all instructions now compute 100% exact… Only HALT and STOP may need reworking)
– Direct2D render method with SlimDX (March 2011)
– More accurate graphics emulation (dynamic color palette changes, correct sprite priority emulation)
– « Perfect » RTC emulation
– Bugfixes in Mapper emulation (generic mapper bugfixes and some MBCx specific ones)
– Enhanced various areas dealing with game information
– Added support for saving the RAM for games with battery (finally !)
– Saving the RAM also saves the RTC information for games using the RTC
– UI is now localizable
* Added fr-FR localization
– Better detection of invalid plugins, which should prevent crashes.
– Hardware Type can now be changed using UI (Menu items previously did nothing…)
– Various chanegs in emulation for hardware type switching. (Quite logically, changing hardware now requires the emulation to be reset)

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