Un émulateur de GameBoy N&B et color, Super GameBoy et GameBoy Advance.

Introducing a whole new vba-m release using a brand new interface using WxWidgets, special thanks to darktjm for coding the interface code and donating it to our use, this will allow for a more universal/cross platform interface for all operating systems

currently though win32 and linux releases will be made available (not that I personally don’t like macs because I do like them, I just don’t have one to compile a release for you guys :/)

today though I’ll be releasing the first binary for windows users
some stuff worth noting for this first binary is that ffmpeg is statically linked as well as cairo graphics, which will be subject to change in future builds to help reduce executable bloat.

to download this release is here

also please note, there will be bound to be bugs in this release
some notable is save states both loading and saving will cause the emulator to crash occasionally but saving via games save feature seems to be working.
In short, if you are going to be reporting bugs, be detailed about it, what you were trying to do, operating system, anything less than detailed will be ignored.

Télécharger VisualBoyAdvance-M (XP compatible) v2.0 Beta 3 Fix 3 (77,1 Mo)

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