Jagulator est un émulateur Jaguar Open Source. Développé par le célèbre SubQMod (plus connu sous le pseudo de Reality_Man, co-auteur de UltraHLE). L’émulateur lance des démos et jeux commerciaux (une grosse partie est à présent jouables).

– After extracting the contents of the zip file into your chosen location you will need to edit the ´jagulator.ini´ file in the root jagulator directory and change to bootpath and rompath to match your installation location.

– You can load roms, binaries or initiate the Jaguar CD Bios from the ´File´ menu.

– All roms and binaries selected will start automatically after loading.

– The video output screen will now center on your desktop.

– When loading a binary you will be promoted for the load address after file selection.

– Pressing Escape will stop execution. If you wish to try another rom/binary after you have just run one I would advise using the File | Reset before attempting to load another.

– Please remember this is not fully stable code yet and some titles do not run, others have a tendancy to crash the emu. I am working like crazy to knock down all the issues.

Télécharger Jagulator v2.0.2 (434,2 Ko)

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