Nouvelles versions pour PinMame (flippers) et ses dérivés.

PinMAME & PinMAME32 & Visual PinMAME v2.4 Changelog:

*** CORE/CPU ***
– Atari sound has been improved [Gerrit Volkenborn/Pascal Janin]
– GamePlan Lady Sharpshooter’s solenoids now work 100%
– Added support for Jeutel – fully emulated with sound and speech [Gerrit Volkenborn]
– Updated TMS 5220 to latest MAME core code
– Added support for Valley Manufacturing [Gerrit Volkenborn]
– Zaccaria _ Added support for SenseInput line and enhanced diagnostic output [Gerrit – Volkenborn/David Gersic]
– Improved speech emulation for Bally 35, Nuova Bell, and Zaccaria Generation 2 [Gerrit Volkenborn]

– Corrected spinners for PinMAME simulators [Steve Ellenoff]
– Added simulator for Sega Harley Davidson [Steve Ellenoff/Brian Smith]
– Improved simulator for Stern Monopoly [Brian Smith]

– Bowlers: Aristocrat, King Tut, Pompeii, Tic-Tac-Strike L-1 and L-2
– Corrected sound roms for Aristocrat, Pompeii, Shuffle Inn, Taurus, Topaz
– Data East: Tales from the Crypt 3.02 Dutch (thanks Inkochnito!)
– GamePlan: alternate Lady Sharpshooter set
I- nder: Mundial 90
– Juegos Populares: Halley Comet, Olympus (good game rom)
– Sega: South Park 0.96 (thanks Inkochnito!) and Stern Harley Davidson 3rd Edition 4.0 (thanks Steve Ellenoff!)
– Cut the Cheese and Cut the Cheese Deluxe
– Taito: Zeke’s Peak (Ice Cold Beer clone)
– Valley Spectra IV

– Added a whole bunch of Stern whitestar revisions (thanks Micko!)
– Added Oliver Okaegi sets that were missing or skipped in previous PinMAME releases
– Added FreeWPC sets that work in PinMAME/Visual PinMAME
– Added Free Play and alternate rules roms for early Stern (thanks Seymour Shabow!)
– Added Free Play roms for Zaccaria (thanks David Gersic!)
– Added a lot of WPC/WPC-95 sets including the real Scared Stiff prototype rom with working kickback! (thanks Pete Haduch!)

Télécharger Visual PinMAME v3.0 (22,7 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAMEW v2.5 (1,3 Mo)

Télécharger PinMAME32 v2.5 (1,4 Mo)

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