Il s’agit d’un portage en Java de Dosbox, permettant à de multiples systèmes d’émuler le Dos et les pc type x86 des années 90.

– First version to supported Windows 98
– Dynamic core can now recompile java byte code with support for saving and loading the compiled blocks
– Fixed many bugs include:
– Floating point rounding errors
– VGA bugs, Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II and Civilization (City Screen) now draw cursor correctly
– Improved file path handling for Mac/LInux
– Major speed improvements
– Applets will now center their viewing area
– Video card memory default has been bumped to 2MB (still 1MB for Applets). Now supports up to 8MB.
– Added NE2000 network card support (requires PCap)

Télécharger jDosbox v0.74.28 (4,4 Mo)

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