Un émulateur de Nintendo GameBoy pour Windows.

– zBoy has been entirely rewritten in C language, using SDL for input, video and timing routines,
– Added support for 8x graphic scaling (which ends up with a game resolution of 1280×1152),
– Added support for screensaver inhibition under Windows (–NOSCREENSAVER),
– Palette customization has been hardcoded into zBoy (no support for external palette files anymore, but you can choose an alternative palette from a predefined set of palettes),
– Fixed the time adjustment routine (it doesn´t speeds up over 100% of normal game speed after being late for some time),
– Replaced the EPX graphic filter by Scale2x (slightly faster), and renamed EPX3 by Scale3x (which is the technically correct name),
– Made the Scale2x scaling the default one,
– Dropped DOS support,
– Dropped fullscreen support,
– Fixed the ADC opcode emulation (wasn´t setting the C flag when carry from bit 7)
this made all the Megaman serie playable,
– Fixed the SBC opcode emulation (wasn´t setting the C and H flags properly),
– Implemented the gameboy type checking via the FF00h joypad register,
– Added the possibility to disable the graphic « Window » used in many games (by default under the F3 key),
– Fixed a bug in IRQ generated by the coincidence register
was generating several IRQs in one scanline (now it generates only one IRQ for a matching scanline)
– this made the intro of Prince of Persia working.

Télécharger zBoy (Sans Interface) v0.60 (493,6 Ko)

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