Un émulateur 3DO basé sur FreeDo et écrit en C#.

1.4DO now hides the mouse cursor if it’s floating over the game area.
2.Support for more types of controllers/gamepads. I do not know if this also includes xbox 360 controllers.
3.Users can now select a different void area pattern (including none/blank/black). This means you can turn off the “bricks” on the sides of the screen. I do indeed pay attention to comments! I personally will be using “Metal” because I like to pretend that I’m manly.

1.If you configured your controller settings with a blank set of bindings, 4DO would fail to load it. This is now fixed, although I fixed it by changing how the file is saved.

Télécharger 4DO v1.3.2.4 (1,5 Mo)

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