ZXMAK.NET est un projet d’émulateur Sinclair ZX Spectrum codé par Alex Makeev.

– Added disk access.
– Added a page with the display settings (smoothing, VBlank,…).
– Minor fixes and refactoring code Z80 with optimization BusManager.
– Fixed timing of interruptions Z80.
– Fixed a problem with the Z80 HALT instruction (capture Z80)
– Fixed errors Z80 (opcodes DD / FD undocumented).
– Implementing a base class UlaGeneric, from which you can create a standard with its mods.
– Added a ULA device for the Pentagon without cutting edges.
– Added a ULA device for Scorpio.
– Adding a device for the ULA ATM1 (only the standard video mode)
– Adding a device for the ULA Profi (not working yet, because it requires the appropriate memory)

Télécharger ZXMAK.NET v1.0.8.4 (214,2 Ko)

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