Project64 est abandonné. Jabo, le dernier développeur à bosser dessus, a décidé de mettre un terme à l’aventure. Il a donc sorti une mise à jour pour Project64 v1.6, avec les quelques plugins qui étaient normalement destinés à la version 1.7 Béta.
Il s’agit donc d’un patch qui se greffe sur la version 1.6, il n’y aura donc pas de version 1.7.

Audio Plugin:
– tarzan and hydro thunder to have audio now due to buffering changes

Input Plugin:
– configuration dialog gamepad polling stops at first hit now properly
– ported the polling order from 1.7 which should be more reliable
– uses system keyboard names now
– updated layout to be more like 1.7 changes

D3D8 Plugin
– bugfix: fixed a problem where the plugin could crash if it ran out of video memory
– bugfix: fixed microcodes for blast corps, body harvest, ODT, and asteroids
– 1080: fixed europe region effects
– 40winks: fixed strange texturing issue
– bangoi: sprite edges should look correct
– banjotooie: fixed puzzle rendering and other regions
– cruisin usa: brake lights work
– dragonsword: menu text drawing and scaling fixed
– drmario: fixed background in versus mode
– fzero: fixed potential triangle overflow issue
– goldeneye: fixed calculations of sky triangles
– legoracer: fixed players going out of sight
– mkart: fixed whomps in bowser castle
– mkart: racetrack frame buffer support
– oot: end of game subscreen issues
– paperboy: fixed map drawing in game
– pdark: fixed scanners
– tarzan: fixed butterfly and health meter
– vigilante8: fixed some textures
– zeldamm: fixed day transition borders and lens of truth in snow areas

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