Le premier émulateur de Sega Model 3 créé par Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde et Stefano Teso.

– New, fully customizable input system. Supports any combination of
keyboards, mice, and analog and digital controllers. [Nik Henson]
– Texture offsets. Fixes models in ‘Fighting Vipers 2’, ‘Virtual On’,
cars in the ‘Scud Race’ and ‘Daytona USA 2’ selection screens, etc.
– Fixed a 2D palette bug that would cause black pixels to occasionally
turn transparent.
– Added all remaining ROM sets. [krom]
– Got some new games to boot: ‘Spikeout’, ‘Ski Champ’, ‘Sega Bass
Fishing’, ‘Dirt Devils’, etc.
– Sound support. Special thanks to ElSemi for contributing his SCSP
emulator and Karl Stenerud for allowing us to use his 68K emulator.
– Multi-threading support. Sound and drive board emulation are off-
loaded to separate threads, substantially enhancing performance.
[Nik Henson]
– Z80 emulation based on code by Frank D. Cringle and YAZE-AG by
Andreas Gerlich.
– Digital Sound Board (MPEG music) emulation courtesy of R. Belmont and
the MPEG decoder library by Tomislav Uzelac.
– Improved ROM loader. It should no longer be as easily confused by
combined ROM sets as long as unused files are removed.
– Configuration file now supports more settings and allows game-
specific customization.
– Added light gun crosshairs (‘The Lost World’), enabled by default in
full screen mode and selectable by pressing Alt-I.
– Drive board and force feedback emulation for ‘Scud Race’, ‘Daytona
USA 2’, and ‘Sega Rally 2’. [Nik Henson]
– Viewable display area properly clipped. Ghost artifacts no longer
appear in border regions when the resolution exceeds the display
– Changed gear shifting: added a dedicated neutral gear and sequential
– Console-based debugger (not enabled by default, must be
enabled during compile-time). [Nik Henson]
– Source code and Makefile cleanup.

Télécharger SuperModel (x86) v0.2a (698,2 Ko)

Télécharger SuperModel (x64) v0.2a (804,4 Ko)

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