ASAP (Another Slight Atari Player) est un émulateur sonore d’Atari 8 Bits (*.sap, *.cmc, *.mpt, *.rmt, *.tmc, …).

– WASAP/Winamp/Apollo/XMPlay file information window now includes STIL (SAP Tune Information List) and technical data.
– Added Future Composer (*.fc) format (contributed by Jerzy Kut).
– Written specification of the SAP format.
– The 64-bit setup package now includes the Windows Media Player plugin (useful for the Vista/7 sidebar WMP gadget).
– Java release now includes asap.jar for WUDSN IDE.
– asapplay in the D programming language has been ported to Linux and 64-bit compilers (by Adrian Matoga).

Télécharger ASAP (x86) v3.2.0 (928,7 Ko)

Télécharger ASAP (x64) v3.2.0 (280,0 Ko)

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