Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Odyssey2 / Videopac+.

– Add SDL support but sound have some noise and voice/joystick not finished
– Allegro 4.4 support (deprecated allegro functions like all text_*)
– Usage of autotools for creating Makefile on Unix/Linux
– Creation of o2em_clean_quit in replacement of all exit
– Usage of o2em_clean_quit for centralizing all cleanup functions
– Corrections of nearly all memory leak (Lots of free and destroy_bitmap was missing)
– Begin of code documentation
– The gamelist.dat will permit to deport all kludges in a configuration file
– The gamelist.dat permit to tag possible bios for each game and so auto select good BIOS
– Added the option -identify for identifying a specific rom (o2em2 -identify roms/vp_14.bin)
– Added the option -list for identifying all roms (o2em2 -list ./roms/)
– begin of work for a common timefunc.c

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